Disciplinary practices in Santa Maria School aim to facilitate the development of responsible behavior among students. We also seek to promote the well being and good order of the community to ensure that all students can prosper. A principal goal in the education of students at this School is to assist each person in their intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and emotional development. Central to this is the development of self discipline which is based on a respect for oneself and others.

However, instances will invariably occur where students personal and social conduct will result in behavior which is disruptive to the teaching and learning program, disrespectful of School rules and the code of conduct, and/or harmful to the well being and security of its members. In this context, pastoral care of students at Santa Maria School ensures that disciplinary measures and sanctions are approached not as merely punitive actions but as concerted attempts to foster responsibility for actions and to both change and heal destructive behavior and breaches of order. As self discipline demands responsibility and accountability, there is a demand on students to reflect on their behavior, take ownership of it and take responsibility for this when their performance is less than satisfactory.

Please do not send your child to school if he/she has a high temperature or unexplained rash, as it is unfair to the other children. Please ensure that your child’s vaccinations are kept up to date. Should your child show any signs of illness whilst here at the school, you will be notified immediately, and first aid will be administered.

Students are allowed to come to school in mufti on their birthdays. A birthday cake and individual party parks and drinks are allowed. Student and their parents are encouraged to donate books to the library on their birthdays

Parents are expected to provide mid-morning snacks and drinks for their children. Meals are also provided by a hygienic vendor in the school premises.

The school requires one full term’s notice in writing, otherwise the term’s fees are payable in lieu of notice.

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