Santa Maria Private School

Santa Maria Private School offers a wide array of courses in the traditional academic disciplines including Mathematics, English comprising comprehension, grammar, composition and phonics, science, social studies, verbal aptitude, quantitative aptitude, vocational aptitude, health education, moral instruction, bible knowledge, art & craft, French, computer studies, Yoruba and physical education. Our broad curriculum covers the course required by candidates for first leaving certificate and general common entrance examination into secondary school both private, states and federal colleges.

Uniform and P.E are available in the school office upon admission. Uniforms not purchase from the school are not accepted.

Complete sets of school uniforms are compulsory for all pupils. Jewelry is not permitted (girls are however allowed to wear earrings and all pupils are allowed to wear leather strapped, wrist watches). Girls are not allowed to use hair attachment.

how can we help you?

For enquiries, you may reach us via the Santa-Maria Schools contact details.